System Engineering and Project Management

System engineering includes the following types of tasks: system architecture design, technical coordination, system integration, job determination, risk management, customer interaction, project planning and control, resource allocation, and financial management. The course participants will learn the methods and techniques for meeting these challenges.

Industry 4.0: from Theory to Practice

Industry 4.0 has the potential to change the definition of human labor, to transfer it to a different quality level, leaving the machines to do all the work of performing routine tasks. The transition to digitalization is characterized by the rejection of hard “conveyor” solutions, an increase in the level of individualization; a high level of control over the productivity and quality of the products produced and, as a result, a reduction in costs and an increase in the profitability of production.

Business Planning

In the modern context, a business plan is the most important business document of a businessperson. No company is able to clearly articulate goals or secure financing without a carefully thought out and well-presented business plan. Students receive the following competencies: how to work out a business plan; how to appraise a project from the perspective of company's competitiveness; how to evaluate a project.


Completion of the corporate program for Metals and Mining Company Norilsk Nickel

Moscow Higher School for Engineering completed a program for managers and specialists of the MMC Norilsk Nickel in the field of asset management.
Training under the program “Enterprise Asset Management Based on ISO 55000 Series Standards” is aimed at ensuring that students understand the content of the standards with the asset management system.

Director of the specifics of training in MSHI

Training in MHSI: coincidence of interests of the management of the enterprises and their employees

In his address, the General Director of MHSE Walter RAC speaks about the benefits that are derived as the heads of enterprises and their employees in the training program of MHSE.

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Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational programs at Moscow Higher School of Engineering are founded on the basis of standard engineering work practice at large industrial enterprise.

Educational Concept

Educational Concept

The Moscow Higher School of Engineering bases its educational philosophy on a dual system of engineering skills training. This is modeled after the system in Germany which allows students to reinforce technical knowledge with the help of complementary practical training.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

More and more, business leaders and specialists see a return on the postgraduate education offered by MHSE with a large practical component, which allows to obtain interdisciplinary competences of a technical, managerial and economic nature.